OnScene’s engineering team has been focused on law enforcement needs for over a decade.  We are one of the few who have successfully transitioned from analog to digital technology.  We have several first in class achievements in the law enforcement/first responder space.  The proven ability to acquire the best technology and integrate it to meet our customer’s needs uniquely positions us compared to our competition.  We are not a one size fits all solution but rather we constantly evaluate best in class technologies and customize them into our applications providing our customers the most robust superior applications to meet their needs today with an eye on tomorrow.  The convergence of wireless networks and technology provides meaningful applications for both law enforcement and commercial enterprises.

The ubiquity of smart devices and wireless networks coupled with the internet of things is truly in its infancy.  OnScene’s skillset positions us at the epicenter of this information stack on the hardware and software side across all mobile applications.  The cascading effect of data collection leveraged with enhanced real-time decision making ability has force multiplier applications from business critical to next generation business intelligence.  OnScene plans to be the market leader in this space.

Let us share our vision, experience and accomplishments to help your organization meet its needs and reach its goals for solving today’s problems while being fully prepared for tomorrow’s challenges.  At OnScene we believe the power of tomorrow is today.