Commercial Driver Safety


OnScene Technology’s Accident Avoidance Alert System (AAAS) for use in fleet operations is designed to protect drivers, help prevent accidents before they happen, and reduce insurance costs as well as accident-related liabilities.  Providing access to actionable information at the time it matters, AAAS uses an intelligent vision sensor to monitor the road and identify at-risk situations. Providing a real-time warning that an accident may occur, the driver is notified through visual, audio and optional vibrational alerts that specific corrective action is required.  Within seconds, such alerts as well as urgent notifications from the driver can be reported through a cellular network to designated managers so appropriate resources can be deployed.

The data and driver metrics produced by AAAS are a valuable fleet management tool for identifying the need for driver training and providing driver incentives.  OnScene’s “eco-driving” reporting allows drivers to dramatically increase fuel efficiency while reducing their carbon footprint.

AAAS can be combined with an OnScene mobile video surveillance system.  In the event of an accident or incident, captured video and audio events provide reportable evidence of the occurrence preventing false claims against the driver and unwarranted claims and associated expenses for your business.


  •  Intelligent vision sensor that identifies objects in a driver’s path and alerts the driver of their existence and the need for corrective action
  • Warnings for lane departure, forward collision, following distance, pedestrian collision  and excessive speed
  • Automatic high beam control
  • System accommodates all vehicle types and makes
  • GPS based vehicle location updates set to meet fleet needs with frequencies as immediate as 5 seconds
  • GPS overlays Google Earth satellite images
  • Standard and customized reports including driver safety scorecards, that assist management in reviewing, coaching and managing drivers including exception reports for added clarity
  • Ruggedized mobile DVR with H.264 compression accommodates up to 4 camerasD1 resolution with configurable frame rates, pre-event and post event recording, programmable event triggers, 32GB/64GB SD card, WiFi capable
  • G-force actuated cameras for coaching
  • Remote live view for driver safety and real-time performance
  • Intuitive user-friendly video management system with powerful video search criteria.  Provides video playback with up to 4 cameras simultaneously, GPS mapping with vehicle tracking and breadcrumbing, real-time speed and inertia graphing
  • Optional real-time monitoring of alerts and driver panic notifications
  • Optional ID tag system to associate driver with shift